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Azentio Software

Azentio provides mission-critical software products across Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa and India to banks, financial services providers and insurers. It also provides ERP solutions to mid-market enterprises. Azentio ONEERP is a highly scalable industry platform built future-ready with an API integrated industry ecosystem, delivered and supported with robust customer-focused models. Built on a state-of-the-art cloud platform, ONEERP provides industry cloud solutions that are engineered for best-in-class standards in financial and operational process management. 

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FPT Software

FPT Software provides world-class services with core technologies of Smart Factory, Artificial Intelligence, Process Automation Robot, Data, Mobile Enterprise, Cloud Computing, Reality virtual…

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We specialize in providing leak test, function test systems, and assembly verification testing to manufacturers in multiple industries: Automotive, Electronic Equipment & Components, HVAC/R, Medical Equipment, Energy…
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Providing full services, solutions and products for Industrial plants. Providing a wide range of commercial products from machines, equipment, industrial machine spare parts, consumables to manufacturing improvement, system integration, repair and maintenance services.

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We are the leading company in direct importing and distributing Testing equipments, Automation equipments, Laboratory equipments, Handheld Tools.etc.
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Bringing to industrial plants the optimal and effective solutions for industrial cooling solutions, industrial suction solutions, industrial dust and gas treatment; Water supply and drainage solutions and wastewater treatment; Solutions for building and operating factories; Electrical automation solution

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OMG’s specialized events and world-class conferences provide a networking platform for exhibitors, sponsors, speakers and delegates to meet face to face, share expertise, make informed decisions and ink lucrative deals.

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Be noticed by difference - build your own booth and enjoy the flexibility of creating your own space.


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The standard package offers an all-inclusive exhibition solution, saving you both time and money.




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